None Arrive Packages:

If a Package you order from Jai DeBaur. is Not Arrive Please Contact Us Via Email or Via Phone 773-245-8849. to get the issue resolve Promptly.

Damaged & Incorrect Items: 

Jai DeBaur. staff will do their best to pack your product(s) so they will arrive to you in excellent condition. Unfortunately, once the package leaves our facility, it goes through many hands and products may shift causing unintentional damage. Should you receive a product that has been damaged in transit, please contact us immediately for further instructions. Please do not discard the damaged product(s) and retain the original box and packaging as inspection is often required by the carriers.


1. Place items you are returning in sturdy packaging. Make sure all items are packed tightly and securely. We are not responsible for breakage during shipment of returned items.

2. Make a copy of the purchase order that was enclosed with your original order, highlight the items you are returning, and place the copy in the box with the products.

3. Use the mailing address below to address your return shipment.

  1. Take the package to the shipper that refer to you by our agent/ staff to the shipping location to have it delivered to us. (If you are returning a product due to a defect or an error made by us, please contact us first in order to receive a return authorization. And Return Label.

  2. Fraudulently Accept Reimbursement in Error and Failure To Return: Receiving Reimbursement for a Lost Package and Receiving the package and Failure to Return One, Violate both State and Federal Laws.

       3. Receiving Reimbursements for damage package From the Carrier and Jai DeBaur. in an Error an failure to return one is a Clear Violation of state and Federal Laws, ( it is unlawful to Keep Both Reimbursements)